Modern high-frequency
electrosurgical units


Ultrasonic cavitation medical
equipment and instruments 

Electrosurgical unit ONYX<br>
Electrosurgical unit ONYX
<p>Ultrasonic cavitation surgical unit ACTITON</p>

Ultrasonic cavitation surgical unit ACTITON

Electrosurgical instruments <br>
Electrosurgical instruments
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FOTEK OOO is one of the leaders in development and production of high-tech surgical equipment.

Manufactured products meet the requirements of European quality standards, are not inferior to products of famous global brands and also have a competitive price.

Products are accompanied by original methodical recommendations for use, training is carried out.

Free training for doctors in clinics with extensive experience in the practical use of manufactured equipment is available, training and support of technical specialists of clinics and service companies is organized upon request.