Назад к списку

Arab Health 2020

FOTEK company for the first time participated at Arab Health, which is considered to be the biggest and industry-defining exhibition in the region. At 45th Anniversary, exhibition was held from 27 to 30 January 2020, at the Dubai World Trade Centre and brought together healthcare and trade professionals, new customers, loyal clients as well as displayed the latest healthcare innovations.

The exhibition was visited by over 4,250 exhibiting companies, 55,000 attendees from 159 countries and over 5,350 delegates.

At Arab Health, FOTEK presented its advanced equipment - electrosurgical system ONYX, ultrasonic cavitation system ACTITON and related instruments.

The results of the participation revealed a high demand for FOTEK equipment. The booth was visited by more than a hundred representatives of trading companies and medical specialists mainly from the countries of Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The most popular inquiries were connected with the ligation modes, transurethral resection, as well as other features of the products, which allow to compete on a par with foreign European brands.

Besides the greatest interest was caused by ultrasonic cavitation methodology, which is implemented in system ACTITON. Many visitors were amazed with the uniqueness of this technology - spheres of application include not only purulent surgery but also ENT and gynecology.

As a result of Arab Health, we are planning an intensive work with requests for cooperation and confirmed intentions to present FOTEK equipment in international markets.